Enduro Boat Trailers | A standard no other trailer can endure

The quality and variety of innovation, design and specification options assures a fitting solution for your vessel's launch and transportation. A few highlights include:

  • The robust frame is manufactured with sealed cross members, reducing the chance of corrosion and promoting the trailers overall strength.
  • Tail light protection is achieved by extending the panel the tail light is fastened to, resulting in a smarter looking chassis that compliments the lines of the boat.
  • An integrated flushing system is optional with all the trailers, an attribute unique to the Enduro Trailer range
  • The Compak, a diverse trailer that can be adjusted to a range of lengths to fit different size boats, originally designed for Aquapro Inflatables, can be used for any boat within the specified measurements.

We encourage you to have a browse through our site to get a feel for what we offer. Please do not hestitate to contact us for any enquiry regarding Enduro Trailers or the marine industry.